White Girls Go Crazy

White Chicks is stupid funny! I’ve seen this movie so many times I could recite the lines (that rhymes). When this movie first came out the reviews were not so good but it has become a cult film to everyone else who isn’t a paid critic. For the people out there living under a rock I’ll go ahead and give you a synopsis of he movie. Here’s a gist. Two black FBI ageIMG_0396 (1)nts end up going undercover as two white socialites in the Hampton’s for a weekend. The whole entire movie is hilarious from start to finish.

My choice MVP from the cast would definitely have to be Latrell Spencer which is played by Terry Crews. He has a fetish for white women that can only be cured by Marlon Wayans character. Also Busy Phillips from Freaks and Geeks is also in this movie. One of my favorite scenes from the movie would definitely have to be the dance battle at the club between the “Wilson” sisters and the Vandergeld twins.

I feel that this movie has been resurrected by Netflix. So many people of a younger and older generation have watched this movie through Netflix. From Mean Girls to Drive Me Crazy Netflix has revitalized so many classic movies that I grew up with and White Chicks is one of them.

Hood Go Crazy by Tech N9ne

White Chicks Trailer



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