The Movie Blog



The Movie Blog is a blog out there that covers and reviews upcoming and present movies and scenes. They post exclusive trailers and scenes from movies that arent even out yet. They also have excusive interviews from some of the poppin actors and actresses up on their website.

If you check out there about us page it will tell you a backstory for how the webiste got started, but just incase you don’t here’s what it says,

“The Movie Blog is (are you ready for this?) a blog about movies. In 2001 John Campea began blogging (keeping a web based journal where he would share his experiences, thoughts, opinions and interesting links with people). He realized that more and more he was posting thoughts about film… so in 2003 he started up The Movie Blog. It’s just that simple.”

I connect with this blog/website so much just based on the fact of why it was created. John Campea just began web based journaling about his favoite movies and it ended up becoming this amazing site that I just happen to be talking about today. That some how makes me think that one day my blog could now up and become something people will use as an assignment for a class one day.

The Movie Blog



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