We Are Family

Every girl will say her favorite Disney/Pixar movie is The Little Mermaid or Beauty and the Beast but my favorite Disney/Pixar movie would have to be The Incredibles. After The Lego Movie it is one of my favorite animated movies. This movie is honestly so badass that you forget it comes from the makers of such sappy movies like Finding Nemo and Up. I sometimes wish I came from a superhero family like this and I could have some sort of super power,IMG_0395 (1) but i just come from an ordinary non-super power having family, which is lame.

This film came out 12 years ago so if you haven’t seen it then you mus be living under a rock. What basically happens is that a middle-aged super hero goes on a mission and ends up in danger and its up to his super hero wife and children to go and save him. It sounds super boring when I describe it that way but it isn’t. The action in the film is so much better than some of the non-animated films that are out today, and that’s saying a lot.

My favorite character from this movie is Frozone which is played by the hilarious Samuel L. Jackson. It’s weird hearing Jackson’s voice coming out of a cartoon character. I’m sure all of us are just so used to him playing the stereotypical mean, cursing, loud mouth roles that he usually plays. They just announced that there is going to be an Incredibles 2 set to release in 2019 and I know I’m going to be at the theatre as soon as it opens.

The Incredibles Trailer

We Are Family by Sister Sledge



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